White Magnolia ring


White Magnolia flower Austrian crystals, 24K Gold plated ring

Hand sculpted from lightweight clay petal by petal. 24K Gold plated
Adjustable size.
This ring is pure glam and not someone who wants to fade into the woodwork, but if you like to make a statement it is for you! You chose the color!

The ring is 100% handmade. It cannot be repeated. Each patals is designed to fit the overall flower. The flower in the photo is an approximate sample of size and visualization. As a designer, I reserve the right to customize crystals, silver and gold details.

Please put the ring on and take it off holding the gold-plated base of the ring.
The leaves are fragile, can break if push them.
Also, the leaves can break if you pull on your clothes with the ring on, take or look for something in a shoulder bag, and other similar actions where leaves could be damaged.

PHOTO: Ilze Ose  photography, Ilze Filipova, Elina Meijere
Model: Agnese Ležnina, Arleta Lieknina-Grinberga, Karina Zatonska


- This item's measurements are:
Width about 10 cm, Hight about 6 cm

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