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Ilze Sildare  is the designer and founder of the Latvian fashion jewelry brand SILDARE. Even though Ilze obtained a Master’s degree in International Finance and Banking sciences, she has always had an excellent sense of fashion and a passion for art. She changed her career, becoming a designer swiftly – with no tuition in the field of fashion and art. In 2012 Ilze began her studies at the Art Academy of Latvia. Eventually her ambition formed her passion into a business -  a confident step towards her calling. Since 2010 – the year of the foundation of brand SILDARE and with her first collection titled “Voyage”, Ilze has gathered admirers internationally. She knows what she wants from the industry and accepts nothing less. First Ilze released her own clothing line, but further chose to work exclusively with jewelry – a field closest to her heart.

Ilze works with Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, semi-precious gemstones and other natural stones. She uses fur, silk, lace and other fabrics of all sorts of textures and structures, often adding interesting details such as silver, gold-filled and gold-plated mesh chains and zippers to her pieces. A variety of different tones, undertones and shades are carefully selected and combined in the process of creating each piece. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and unique. Sildare is best-known for her collections “Voyage”, “Numinous” and “Revived“ now being released.